Novokoltsovsky territory comprehensive development project

2009 - 2025гг.
site area

Novokoltsovsky is a promising diversified area in the south-east of Ekaterinburg.

It is located in the vicinity of ​​the international transport corridor serving commodity flows from Europe and Asia. Here meet the three components of transport infrastructure: Koltsovo International Airport, federal highways network, and railways network

More details

The district’s zoning project provides for the creation of public, business and industrial sectors, construction of residential and commercial real estate, transport and logistics infrastructure, and a mixed-use park. The modern format of the district's architectural and urban planning environment implements a radial ring planning structure.

Stages of project implementation

2009-2011: development of the district’s concept

2012-2013: development and approval of the land use planning and surveying project, of urban development plans for land plots

2010-2013: construction of Ekaterinburg-EXPO International Exhibition Center

2014-2015: engineering and preparatory work

2017-2019: construction of the convention center as part of the IEC Ekaterinburg-EXPO

2019-2025: construction of residential housing, public infrastructure, shopping and entertainment facilities, public-and-business (business park) and production-and-logistics complexes