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The financial line of business of the Sinara Group is represented by a banking group, which comprises SKB-Bank, Gazenergobank, DeloBank federal online bank for entrepreneurs, SKB LAB IT-company.  Lending organizations offering a complete range of advanced and convenient financial services to businessmen and private persons (loans, credit cards, deposits, advanced online services, etc.).

At the core of the financial group is SKB-Bank, which is Sverdlovsk Region’s systemically important bank. The financial group has offices in 184 localities of the Russian Federation. There are more than 200 offices and more than 6 000 ATMs belonging to a joint partner network at the disposal of the group’s customers.

offices throughout Russia
ATMs in an integrated network
billion rubles- banking group’s assets



Banking services for the public and businesses

Banking services for the public and businesses
Online banking for businesses


SKB-Bank’s mobile banking became one of the top five such solutions in Russia according to the Markswebb Rank & Report analytics agency

In 2016, SKB-Bank was named the best bank in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region

Forbes magazine has included SKB-Bank in Russia’s 100 most reliable banks
SKB-Bank became an authorized bank of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region
SKB-Bank signed three government contracts with the Novosibirsk Region
Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture included SKB-Bank in its list of authorized banks