Tyagovye Komponenty


Tyagovye Komponenty was established in 2018 with the aim of development and production of domestic components for traction equipment and control systems of locomotives. It forms part of the Sinara-Transport Machines holding.

In 2019, Sinara Group and Transneft signed a cooperation agreement aimed at implementing a project to develop and mass-produce in Russia new advanced asynchronous traction motors with a rating of up to 1400 kW.

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As a result of the agreements reached between Tyagovye Komponenty and Russian Electric Motors JSC (part of PJSC Transneft), a contract was signed to develop, manufacture and supply on a regular basis the ATD1000 asynchronous traction motors. The contract entails a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation between the companies until the year 2028.

In July 2020, the first prototype of the ATD1000 asynchronous traction motor with a rating of 1000 kW was produced. In 2021, once the testing, certification and pilot operation of motors in the locomotive system are completed, it is planned to start their mass production and deliveries to manufacturers of railway machinery.

The design and engineering solutions used in their development will make it possible to create a line of motors suitable not only for railway vehicles, but also for other industries (oil and gas, metallurgy, mining, power generation, etc.).

units - annual market capacity outlook for the ATD1000 motors
savings in repair costs of the ATD1000 motors in comparison with the cost of repairing a similar imported asynchronous motor
reduction of the lifecycle cost of a mainline electric locomotive due to the use of an asynchronous traction motor
increase of the service interval of locomotives equipped with ATD1000 compared to locomotives equipped with commuter motors

Creation in 2020 of the first prototype of the new ATD1000 asynchronous traction motor with a rating of 1000 kW
In 2020, Sinara-Transport Machines holding chose Tyagovye Komponenty to be the developer and supplier of the traction drive system for the new 2TE35A diesel locomotive being developed
In 2020, with the aim of ensuring the quality and competitiveness of its products, Tyagovye Komponenty implemented ISO/TS 22163:2017 and ISO 9001:2015 international business management standards for the railway industry


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Alexander Vladimirovich Saltaev

General Director of Tyagovye Komponenty LLC