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30 Апр 2021
On 30 April 2021, Sinara Transportnye Mashiny and Regional State Public Institution Transportation Organizer of the Chelyabinsk Region have signed a contract for the supply of 30 Model 71-623 trams to the city of Chelyabinsk worth 1,59 billion RUB (around 20 million EUR).

Their production will start in May, and the first ten of the 40 % low-floor trams are scheduled for delivery in September 2021, the remainder by December of this year. The warranty service period will be two years or 100,000 km of the distance traveled.

The new trams will replace about 20 % of the present Chelyabinsk tram fleet and will be built at UKVZ (Ust-Katavsky vagonostroitelny zavod, Ust-Katav car building works), which acts as STM strategic contract partner in the segment of urban public transport.

The 600 V DC 1,524 mm gauge trams will have a maximum speed of 75 km/h, a Bo’Bo’ axle arrangement and a power of 4x 50 kW, using asynchronous traction motors. The tram length will be 16,400 mm, its width 2,500 mm and its height 3,700 mm. Bogie wheelbase will be 1,940 mm and wheel diameter 620 mm.

The trams will weigh 22 t and will have 33 seats and a space for 127 standees. They will be air-conditioned, fitted with seats dedicated to passengers with reduced mobility, passenger counting sensors, CCTV, Wi-Fi and USB sockets as well as various interior anti-vandal protection elements.
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