Sinara-Transport Machines

Синара Транспортные Машины. Лого, текст, факт

One of Russia’s leading transport engineering companies. The structure of STM Holding enables us to offer a complete cycle of works and services, ranging from design and production to marketing and servicing of every kind of railway machinery.

Principal business areas of the STM Holding:

  •  engineering of railway machinery, diesel engine products, light rail vehicles;
  •  production of freight DC and AC locomotives, and of shunting, clean-up and mainline diesel locomotives of various versions;
  •  production of industrial diesel motors and diesel generator sets;
  •  production of track maintenance vehicles;
  •  production of electric trains;
  •  servicing of railway machinery and diesel engine products;
  •  production of assemblies and components for railway machinery.
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The availability of several engineering centers enables the holding to continuously improve its products and develop new types of equipment. STM has extensive experience in transferring advanced engineering technologies, creating contemporary high-tech production from scratch, and implementing joint projects with the world's leading manufacturers.


    thousand employees work at STM’s enterprises
    billion rubles of investments in development of production
    enterprises comprise the holding structure
    types of products


    Creation of our own engineering center for development of new product types (CIR STM)
    Development and production of a varied line of innovative diesel locomotives
    Implementation of a system of lifecycle servicing of the Russian Railways’ fleet of locomotives on the basis of 29 locomotive servicing depots and centers
    Implementation of a system of lifecycle servicing of a fleet of locomotives for the commercial market (SinaraPromTrans)


    Russia, 109028, Moscow, Podkopaevsky Lane, #4B

    Russia, 620026, Ekaterinburg, Rozy Luxemburg Street, #51

    Victor Nikolayevich Lesh

    General Director of Sinara-Transport Machines JSC