Ural Locomotives

Уральские локомотивы. Первый блок (текст)

Ural Locomotives is a joint venture of Sinara Group and Siemens conglomerate, created on the basis of production facilities of the Ural Railway Engineering Plant on July 1, 2010.

It is located in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma (Sverdlovsk Region).

The company designs, manufactures and services a new generation of traction rolling stock featuring increased efficiency and improved consumer, operational and environmental properties.

The factory produces Sinara (2ES6) mainline DC locomotives with commutator traction motors, Granit (2ES10) freight mainline DC locomotives with asynchronous traction motors, 2ES7 series mainline AC locomotives and various versions of the Lastochka high-speed trains.


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Ural Locomotives is among the most advanced production complexes for manufacturing of high-speed transport in Europe, it is rightfully considered one of Russia’s leading transport engineering enterprises. The production complex combines over 500 units of production equipment made by the world’s leading manufacturers. The key consumer of the company’s products is Russian Railways JSC.

service centers throughout Russia
electric trains "Lastochka" produced on 01.11.2021
new generation of electric freight locomotives produced on 01.11.2021


2ES6 Sinara electric locomotive is the most mass-produced new-generation electric locomotive model. January 31, 2020- Ural Locomotives factory produced the thousandth 2ES6 Sinara electric locomotive
Electric locomotives manufactured by Ural Locomotives are capable of hauling trains weighing more than 9 000 tons across almost the entire country, from mining enterprises in Siberia to ports in the European part of Russia, without breaking-up the train or uncoupling its cars
The Lastochka high-speed passenger electric train developed by Ural Locomotives operates in 20 regions of the Russian Federation: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Leningrad Region, Ivanovo Region, Vladimir Region, Kursk Region, Oryol Region, Kaliningrad Region, Belgorod Region, Smolensk Region, Tver Region, Tula Region, Tyumen Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Republic of Karelia and Perm Krai


Russia, Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Parkovaya Street, #36
+7 (343) 379-41-59ext. 0 (contact center)
+7(34368) 97-419 (sales department)


Oleg Kharlampievich Spai

Chairman of the Board, General Director

Tim Christian Braeger

Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer