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STM-Service LLC is the second largest traction rolling stock servicing company in Russia. The company offers a complete range of services for the maintenance of the Russian Railways’ fleet of locomotives: mainline freight electric locomotives, shunting and mainline diesel locomotives, passenger electric and diesel locomotives - 2ES10, 2ES6, VL10, VL11, TEM7, TEM14, TGM23, TEM2, TEM3, TEM18, ChS7, EP2K and others. The company operates more than 8 000 locomotive units.

STM-Service carries out repairs of locomotives of various degrees of complexity as well as modernization of railway machinery, supplying of spare parts, provides training and engineering consulting. The complete range of services for locomotive maintenance includes the performance of routine maintenance corresponding to TO-2, TO-3, TO-4, TO-5a-g, TR-1, TP-2, TP-3 and SR maintenance categories; repairs and refurbishing of components and assemblies; replacement of motors and modernization to extend the service life; arrangement of deliveries of materials and spare parts.

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The company is actively introducing the predictive diagnostics technologies. A unified information system, which accumulates information on operating parameters and modes of all locomotives, makes it possible to predict service events and implement preventive measures.

The company has 5 service directorates (Moscow, Kuibyshev, Sverdlovsk, South Ural and West Siberian), which include two service centers and 27 locomotive service depots located on the territory of facilities of 7 branches of Russian Railways JSC in 28 subjects of the Russian Federation.

locomotive units being serviced
employees - personnel of STM-Service
railways- number of Russian Railways’ branches serviced by the company's experts
external training programs in use for professional development of the company’s employees


STM-Service is the only company in Russia that offers servicing of gas engine locomotives, based on its Artemovskiy depot
Centers for monitoring of technical parameters of 2ES6 Sinara and 2ES10 Granit electric locomotives were opened in 2016 and 2017 at the Sverdlovsk and South Ural depots
Four depots are capable of effecting medium repairs of 2ES6 traction motors, three depots have mastered the repairs of 2ES6 wheelsets and replacement of their components
In 2018, the Taiga and Moskovka depots were certified to effect midlife repairs of 2ES6 locomotives
The training center of STM-Service holds an educational license and offers 60 programs of additional professional development


Russia, 620026, Ekaterinburg, Rozy Luxemburg Street, #51

Oleg Evgenyevich Zaytsev

General Director