Novosibirsk Electric Locomotive Building Plant

Новосибирский электровозоремонтный завод. Лого, текст, факты

Novosibirsk Electric Locomotive Building Plant (NERZ) is Western Siberia’s leading provider of repairs of electric locomotives. The factory was established in 1944 as a locomotive repair workshop in view of the active growth of industry in Western Siberia and the increase in freight traffic over the Tomsk railway.

Since 2017, NERZ forms part of the Sinara-Transport Machines holding.

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The enterprise carries out overhaul and midlife repairs of freight electric locomotives of the VL-10, VL11, VL-80, OPE1, 2ES6 series and of passenger diesel locomotives of the ChS-4t, ChS-8, EP-1, EP2K series, as well as repairs of line equipment.

million rubles - cost of the new K-UKTOL-G testing facility
employees - factory’s personnel


New types of repairs were mastered at the factory under STM’s control: 2ES6 electric locomotive, traction motors, wheelsets, compressors
NERZ’s quality management system is certified for compliance with the requirements of the GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard under the Voluntary Certification System on Federal Railway Transport of the Russian Federation; currently, the company’s processes are being brought into compliance with requirements of Russian Railways JSC within the framework of ISO/TS 22163 standard
Under STM’s control the labor productivity and average monthly wages at the company have grown and new jobs have been created
The factory’s infrastructure is being developed both within the framework of the investment program (procurement of equipment) and through the introduction of advanced management procedures (creation of new production areas, automation of production processes)


Russia, 630037, Novosibirsk, Electrovoznaya Street, #2

Maxim Nikolayevich Tsyganets

Executive Director