Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant

Людиновский тепловозостроительный завод. Лого, текст, факты

Lyudinovo Diesel Locomotive Plant (LTZ) is a machinery manufacturing enterprise producing shunting, clean-up and mainline diesel locomotives for industrial companies in Russia and countries using the 1520 mm gauge.

Founded in 1745. Since 2007 it forms part of the Sinara-Transport Machines holding.


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Flexible manufacturing is the factory’s primary advantage. The company employs highly-skilled personnel, and it is fitted with a wide range of equipment for manufacturing of diesel locomotives of various power ratings, with drives of any type, in single-unit or double-unit versions. Advanced products of the factory are in high demand with industrial enterprises of Russia; it is represented in most countries using the 1520 mm gauge and in Cuba.

The factory produced 18
thousand locomotives over the 60 year of its history of manufacturing diesel locomotives
thousand m2- area of the company’s production facilities
locomotives of TGM8KM series - volume ordered by the Union of Cuban Railways
employees - factory’s personnel


In 2010, the TEM7A shunting diesel locomotive was awarded a first-place diploma in the "Quality of Locomotives" category of the Russian Railways competition
In 2011, the first Russian shunting locomotive with the SinaraHybrid intelligent asynchronous hybrid drive was produced
In 2012, a double-engine shunting diesel locomotive with TEM14 electric drive for the Russian Railways was presented. As of today, more than 100 such locomotives have been produced
In 2013, the first Russian mainline gas turbine locomotive (GT1h) ordered by the Russian Railways was produced
In 2014, a prototype of the TG16M double-unit mainline freight diesel locomotive was produced for the Sakhalin railway
In 2016, LTZ commenced the production of 75 locomotives of the TGM8km and TGM4 series for the Cuban Railway Union


249405, Kaluga Region,

Russia, Lyudinovo, Karla Liebknechta Street, #1

Boris Borisovich Danilov

General Director