Sinara Bank

СКБ-банк. Лого, текст, факты

Sinara Bank is one of Russia’s largest regional banks, and is coeval with the banking system of modern Russia. The bank was founded in November of 1990. Since 2004 is a member of the government-run Deposit Insurance System. It is a member of the FinTech Association.

More than 100 offices of Sinara Bank operate in Russia’s regions - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.

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Sinara Bank’s mission is to in provide a wide range of standardized and high-tech banking services and products to clients throughout Russia. The bank also facilitates the development of economic and social infrastructure in the territories where it is present. It systematically expands its presence according to the customers’ needs by means of creating and optimizing its extensive network of branches.

For many years, Sinara Bank (known before as SKB-bank) has been constantly introducing advanced banking products and service technologies that aim to meet the customers’ needs. The bank is actively introducing biometric identification solutions, participates in groundbreaking projects of the Bank of Russia - Marketplace and Fast Payment System, and offers new digital services to its customers.

Sinara Bank is now developing towards full-fledged remote servicing and implementation of the digital office concept. 



In March 2019, an agreement on social and economic cooperation was signed by the Government of Sverdlovsk Region and the bank. The agreement is aimed at cooperation in solving strategical social and economic issues existing in Sverdlovsk Region.
In 2019, Sinara Bank (known before as SKB-bank) joined the Fast Payment System and started offering registration in the Unified Biometric System
Forbes magazine has included Sinara Bank (known before as SKB-bank) in the rating of Russia’s most reliable banks
According to analysts of Markswebb Rank and Report, the bank's mobile services for businesses rank #1 in Russia


Russia, 620026, Ekaterinburg, Kuibysheva Street, #75

Denis Gennadievich Oshev

President of SKB-Bank